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Understanding Chelates In Plants

Jul 13 2020 chelates enzymes gardening

Chelation is a process that protects the integrity of nutrients. This is true for human nutrition and plant nutrition. Chelates, the actors in the chelation process, help increase the mobility of nutrients and help prevent their unwanted loss due to processes such as leaching or nutrient precipitation. Chelates have been likened to both an orange peel and a lobster’s claw in their form and function. The word “chelate” derives from the Greek word chelé, which means lobster’s claw.The action of chelates can be likened to organic molecules encircling a metal nutrient like a claw embraces with its pincers. This marriage...

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Ten Traits Of Good Marijuana Seeds

May 17 2020 cannabis gardening seeds

So, you’ve decided to grow your own marijuana from seed. How do you know if those little, round nuggets in your hand will grow up lush and produce beautiful, productive buds? How do you know if they are duds? While ultimately the genetics will determine the destiny of those little seeds, and proper care will help them to realize their full potential, there are some markers you can assess to see if what you have is quality seed, indeed. What to look for in a cannabis seed #1 ColorWhile all cannabis seed is not identical in color, there are some...

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Guide To Modern Garden Lighting

May 11 2020 gardening LED lighting

There’s no doubt the indoor farming industry is growing. Each month, new farms enter the industry, new technology increases production efficiency and food quality, and hundreds of research projects are conducted around the world. A hallmark of this industry growth are the developments in artificial lighting for indoor farms, namely in LED lighting. As technology advances rapidly, our knowledge of how to use it to its maximum effect is trying hard to keep up. But let’s start with the basics: The Basics of How Plants Use Light Light is emitted both as waves and particles. To be more precise, light...

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