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Grove Bags The Evolution in packaging the cannabis industry has been waiting for.

TerpLoc® Technology

Grove Bags TerpLoc® product line is the evolution in packaging the cannabis industry has been waiting for. Designed around the plant's physiological properties, it utilizes a blend of several film elements to create the optimal cannabis climate inside every package.


Oxygen & Humidity Elements

These two TerpLoc® elements work in unison to diffuse oxygen, slowing down the respiration process and allowing excess water vapour to be diffused to prevent mold growth and preserve product potency.


UV Element

This TerpLoc® element provides premium protection from harmful UV rays that continuously cause THC to degrade to CBN, decreasing the potency of packaged cannabis.


Durability & Odor Elements

These two TerpLoc® elements work in conjunction to guarantee maximum puncture resistance during packaging & transport, ensuring the potent smell of product is contained within the packaging.


Anti-Static Element

This TerpLoc® element creates a neutral charge down the packaging sidewall to prevent the trichomes, that contain a significant amount of terpenes, from being stripped off product.


Terpene Preservation

Terpenes are essential for preserving cannabis synergy
Terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for the taste, smell, and therapeutic properties of cannabis, are essential for maintaining cannabis synergy and are the main factor that influences the different plant profiles. Grove Bags create and maintain the perfect cannabis climate to minimize evaporation and oxidation, ensuring maximum retention of terpenes and preservation of the benefits of cannabis synergy.


Cannabis Synergy

Cannabis Synergy, known as the “entourage effect”, is the concept that the medicinal impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts. Terpenes play a major role in cannabis synergy, and are the main factor that influences the Indica vs. Sativa plant profiles. They have antimicrobial properties, anticarcinogenic properties, and can influence the permeability of the cell membrane allowing for the absorption of more cannabinoids. Grove Bags are designed for low oxygen levels and combine active humidity control with antistatic properties to limit the oxidation and evaporation of terpenes and cannabinoids.


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