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Grotek Green line products are an excellent choice for indoor and greenhouse growing, where plants don’t get the natural biodiversity that thrives in the soil. The Green line can be used on all outdoor crops as well, providing balanced nutrition no matter what stage of growth or season.

Because of their indoor and greenhouse focus, all of the plant and mineral derived nutrients within the Grotek Green range are immediately available to the plant. This helps plant growth accelerate quickly under peak conditions, building the energy to produce the highest yields possible. As digested liquids, most of our formulas are full of secondary metabolites (Such as amino and humic acids), further enhancing nutrition by impacting both plants and soil biology. All of the liquid formulas are an excellent choice for automated irrigation, such as drip systems and injection lines due to their low sediment content.

The range is built as components to give growers ultimate flexibility, while still getting all the essential elements to keep plants at peak efficiency. It is important to remember that plants don’t always need more of every nutrient. Providing the right amount of nutrients at the right time is the key to success.

Our easy to use feed chart, located our, offers a quick reference to using our product range. Split into categories, it helps growers decide which products are must-haves, and those that will push their gardens to maximum performance.

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