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Stepping away from the soil is just the first action in hydroponics - the key decision for success comes with choosing the right growing media. Find the ideal option for your indoor garden in the Grow!t line of horticultural products, starting at the bottom. Grow!t clay pebbles, which foster beneficial bacterial growth around the plant root zone and provide excellent aeration and drainage, are pH stable and ideal for drip feed, deep water culture, and flood and drain systems. They're made from 100 percent natural clay. As an alternative to pebbles, try GROW!T's Croutons, a chunkier option you can use by itself or mixed with other media. Croutons are fresh-water rinsed, lightweight and organic, and have a neutral pH to protect your crop from mold and fungus.

Think outside the box and in the bag with GROW!T's Organic CoCo Grow Bag, eliminating pots and trays entirely. Featuring a stylish bright green and white design, each Grow Bag expands to 0.5 cubic feet. Just add water to the included soil, let it expand, add seeds, and you are good to grow. Place inside or outside – it can be moved quickly and easily as weather determines.


GROW!T (6)

Clay Pebbles (Hydroton)


Coco Coir Chip Block


Coco Coir Loose


Coco Coir Mix Block


Coco Coir Mix Brick (pack of 3)


GROW!T #8 Perlite, 4 CU FT