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SunBlaster empowers growers to expand their growing season to year-round, independent of natural sunlight, with the use of our SunBlaster Horticultural lighting products and propagation accessories.

SunBlaster has been providing innovative lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications and requirements within the horticultural industry for almost two decades now.

Our quest to provide the highest quality products at the best possible price never ends.

Sunblaster Horticultural Lighting (53)

Hanging Clips-4 Clips Per Pack


SunBlaster 14" T5 Link Cable


SunBlaster 36" T5 Link Cable


SunBlaster Solid Link Connectors (Pack of 2)


SunBlaster Universal T5 Strip Light Hanger


CFL Bulb (125 Watt) 6400k - SunBlaster


CFL Bulb (200 Watt) 2700k - SunBlaster


CFL Bulb (200 Watt) 6400k - SunBlaster