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1000 Watt MH - LE

    1000 Watt MH - LE

    $59.93 $87.93

    LightEnerG™ Super Metal Halide Grow Lamps are designed to outperform standard MH bulbs. They have a light spectrum shifted towards the blue making them ideal during the vegetative stage of growth and added red spectrum for flowering efficiency.


    • Designed to outperform standard MH lamps
    • Emits a blue light spectrum, making it ideal during the vegetative stage of growth
    • Added red spectrum for flowering efficiency
    • High initial and maintained lumens
    • Superior lamp to colour consistency


    • Dependable long life (15,000+ hours)
    • Universal Burning Position
    • High efficacy/ low operating cost
    • Can work with both normal and pin operated sockets
    • Environmentally friendly

    Available In:

    • 400w
    • 1000w
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