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1000 Watt Hortilux HPS Conversion Bulb 940 watt

    1000 Watt Hortilux HPS Conversion Bulb 940 watt

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    1000 Watt Hortilux HPS Conversion Bulb 940 watt

    Hortilux 61825 - 940 Watt - High Pressure Sodium Conversion Lamp

    Need to switch to HPS for the fruiting and flowering phase of your plants but only have a metal halide ballast? The EYE Hortilux 61825 940-watt HPS conversion lamp is just what you need! This unique bulb is engineered to operate on a 1000-watt M47 core and coil metal halide ballast. It produces 130,000 lumens of 2100 Kelvin (red spectrum) light.

    Features and benefits

    • Energy savings up to 25% reduction in electrical power usage and $240 energy savings per pole
    • Superior light performance, with up to 80% more lumens
    • Long Life, equal to, or greater than existing lamps
    • Eliminate costly lamp recycling: EYE Sunlux Ultra Ace lamps meet Federal EPA, TCLP test critera for being nonhazardous waste
    • Nickle-plated base will not seize in the socket, eliminating additional labor and spare parts costs associated with prying a lamp base out of a fixture socket
    • Simple retrofit by removing the Mercury or Metal Halide lamp, and screw in the EYE lamp


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