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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

    Advanced Nutrients Sensizym


    Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

    Maximize Nutrient Absorption, Combat Root Disease, and You Might Even Save Money Too!

    Your plants (like the human digestive tract) build up organic waste. Left in the root zone, this waste can impair growth and flowering or contribute to disease. But when you give your crops specifically formulated enzymes, they scour the root zone, removing the debris and eradicating disease by ‘recycling’ it into usable carbohydrates that fuel bud growth and boost yields!

    Now, enzymes sound great, but only Sensizym is guaranteed in two unique ways:

    First, it’s a specific combination of high-grade bioactive enzymes that work best for our high-value plants.

    Second, it’s guaranteed to have a stable shelf life and be fully active at the time of purchase – unlike other products, which are often completely inert on the shelf.

    Lastly, growers report that Sensizym decomposes root zone debris so well, you can often reuse growing media such as rockwool and coco coir for another crop lifecycle – saving you money!

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