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Advanced Nutrients Voodoo

    Advanced Nutrients Voodoo

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    Advanced Nutrients Voodoo

    Bigger Roots Equal Bigger Fruits

    Voodoo Juice is an exclusive, proprietary blend of eight microbial super strains that pump up your roots and root zone so you get faster growth, healthier plants and more valuable yields. Voodoo Juice is an easy to use product created by a team of PhD scientists who created these super strains specifically for the plants you grow and the gardens you grow them in. This highly concentrated liquid formula holds your microbes dormant until they are added to your nutrient reservoir where they spring into life invigorating your roots and root zone while also creating substances that increase floral production and floral potency. Other companies have attempted to make microbial root enhancers but none of those products even come close to the effectiveness, viability and quality of Voodoo Juice, which is 100% guaranteed to give you stronger roots and better harvests.

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