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Apollo 16 LED Grow Light (720 watt) - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    Apollo 16 720 Watt Burple LED Grow Light

    $549.00 $999.00

    Apollo 16 LED Grow Light (720 watt)

    Quality LED grow light system provides superior results to other LED grow systems. Built to last with renowned Apollo hardware powering a custom LED spectrum designed by Dutchman Hydroponics. Includes multi-band UV and infrared light for superior plant growth and vitality.Higher yields, larger fruit, bigger flowers -- all with increased potency and health.Details:

    • Low heat signature
    • Maximum photosynthetic response from high PAR value
    • Superior energy efficiency
    • Broad spectrum layout
    • For all stages of plant growth
    • ~100,000 hour lifespan
    • 720 watt draw
    • 1480 watt output

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