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Autopilot Cooling Thermostat
Autopilot Cooling Thermostat

    Autopilot Cooling Thermostat

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    Autopilot Cooling Thermostat

    The Autopilot Cooling Thermostat is a compact and easy-to-use controller for air conditioners and exhaust fans.

    Simply plug it into a power receptacle and then plug your cooling device into its outlet, then choose your preferred room temperature setpoint with the rotary knob. When its built-in sensor senses that the room temperature has exceeded the setpoint by at least 1°F, it will automatically activate your cooling device by powering the outlet. Digital screen displays current room temperature. Its green LED light illuminates when the outlet is activated to on. When the temperature in the room has dropped at least 1°F, the Autopilot Cooling Thermostat will cut power to the cooling device. It has a built-in 1-degree deadband and is ETL-listed.

    Max power handling 15A.

    Autopilot Cooling Thermostat features:

    • Easy to use analog control
    • Maintains desired room temperature
    • Controls air conditioner or exhaust fan
    • Temperature control range: 40 - 95°F
    • Digital display shows current room temperature
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