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Bluelab Combo Meter
Bluelab Combo Meter

    Bluelab Combo Meter

    $250.00 $379.93

    Bluelab Combo Meter

    Measure pH, conductivity and temperature on the go.

    • Measures pH, conductivity and temperature on the go
    • Brilliantly simple design that’s easy to use, clean and calibrate
    • Backlit display to capture every measurement with ease
    • Includes a pH Probe and Conductivity Probe to cover all your nutrient uptake fundamentals
    • 2-metre cable for measuring in hard-to-reach locations
    • Customise scales to your preference - conductivity in EC, CF, PPM 500 (TDS) or PPM 700; temperature in °C or °F

    Conductivity, pH and temperature meter all in one portable option

    Three-in-one portable solution from BlueLab

    The Bluelab Combo Meter provides the ultimate convenience by taking care of all three nutrient uptake fundamentals simultaneously.

    Not only that, but this multi-parameter meter and its probes feature a brilliantly simple design. The Bluelab pH Probe is easy to use, clean and calibrate; when the time comes, it’s also easy to replace. Likewise, the Bluelab Conductivity Probe has straightforward functionality, requiring no further calibration.

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