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Bluelab pH Pen
Bluelab pH Pen
Bluelab pH Pen
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    Bluelab pH Pen

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    Bluelab PH Pen

    A hardy, compact pH and temperature pen.

    Teamed with our Bluelab ppm or EC Pen, you have a handy, convenient and accurate system for ensuring optimum plant growth and health.


    • Fully waterproof - not just water resistant
    • Simple two-point calibration process for accuracy
    • One-year peace-of-mind warranty
    • Automatic temperature compensation for accurate readings everywhere
    • Auto-off function to extend battery life
    • 1 AAA battery included - simply power on and go


    Why measure pH and temperature?

    Get the fundamentals of growing right, every time

    Healthy growing plants, just like humans, need a balanced diet of appropriate nutrients (food). However, plants can only access these nutrients when the nutrient solution is within a certain pH range.

    From a water chemistry perspective, pH (potential Hydrogen) plays a pivotal role in making the nutrients in your solution soluble so that they can be accessed by your plants. That’s why if your growing solution becomes too acidic or too alkaline, the plants won’t be able to get access to the nutrients they need to grow. The temperature of your growing solution is equally important as having a solution that’s too hot or too cold can affect growth rate and structure.

    To help your plants thrive, get the fundamentals right by measuring pH and temperature to ensure that these are always in the optimal range.

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