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Canada Perlite 4 cu ft 110L

    Canada Perlite 4 cu ft 110L

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    Canada Perlite 4 cu ft 110L

    Perlite is natural, sterile, ultra-lightweight, non-toxic, permanent, incombustible, asbestos-free, and virtually pH-neutral. Why Perlite Works Expanded perlite particles are clusters of minute, lightweight, insulating, glass bubbles. Its unique internal structure, together with a large exterior irregular surface composed of broken bubbles and surface openings provide for water and air holding capacity. Its internal structure resists thermal transmission, and crushed particles present a maze of microscopic pathways that can be used to filter and clean a wide array of liquids. Horticulture uses

    • potting soil & propagation
    • high-performance hydroponics
    • turf enhancement
    • eco-roofs
    • 4 cu ft / 110 Litres


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