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Chitosal 250ML / 8.5 OZ - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    Chitosal 250ML / 8.5 OZ

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    Chitosal 250ML / 8.5 OZ

    ChitoSal has been carefully formulated using the latest scientific understanding of plant biology to trigger dramatic plant responses. By incorporating ChitoSal into any growing program, cultivators are able to switch on two separate and complimentary plant defense pathways. This sets off a cascade response within the plant and leads to a wide variety of beneficial physiological responses, allowing growers everywhere to achieve amazing results with as little as five applications.

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    An Organic Source of Oligochitosan and Salicin. Two Powerful and Proven Plant Effectors.

    ChitoSal is an exciting scientific breakthrough in plant effector technology utilizing our novel manufacturing process.

    ChitoSal is effective in any growing media and and in any conventional or organic nutrient program.
    Effective with soil, supersoil, rock wool, coco coir, expanded clay pellets, deep water culture, and all hydroponic and conventional systems.

    • ENHANCES - flowering and fruit yield
    • TRIGGERS - two separate plant defense pathways
    • PROMOTES - tolerance to salt, heat, and drought
    • FASTER - transition into flowering
    • INCREASES - richness and complexity for higher quality crops
    • PROPRIETARY - manufacturing process of oligochitosan

    250 mL Makes up to 100L

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