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Coriander Cilantro Herb

    Coriander Cilantro Herb


    Coriander Cilantro Herb

    Cilantro Coriander seeds produce a leafy plant, often referred to as Cilantro, but is also known as Arab Parsley or Chinese Parsley. Leaves are an essential ingredient in both Chinese and Latin cuisine. This herb has good heat resistance and is slow to bolt. Erect stem 30-70cm tall, branched at the top with numerous small white flowers in clusters. Tender leaves can be used fresh in salads and the seeds grown at the later part of the growth cycle are most commonly harvested for seasoning.

    500 - 800 Seeds/Package Untreated Non GMO


    Sow seed directly outdoors after danger of frost has passed and cover with a fine sifting of soil. Grow as a short-term transplant to avoid bolting. Sequentially sow seeds for a steady supply of transplants through the summer. Seed generally germinates in 5-7 days. Transplant seedlings 10-12 days later, at least 30 cm apart. Leaves can be used 25-30 days after transplanting.

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