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Jungle Green 17-15-17 500Gr
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    Jungle Green 17-15-17 500Gr


    Future Harvest - Jungle Green 500Gr

    Jungle Green will be used through out week 1-4 of your veg cycle. It delivers fast acting nutrition for vigorous growth in a water soluble powder.

    Works well with...

    Better Bloom is designed to be used during the first 3 weeks of your flowering cycle. Gives plants a phosphorus boost and helps your buds to increase in size and density. 

    Yield Up can be used by itself in the last 3-4 weeks of your flowering cycle. It gives your plants an extra phosphorus boost designed to increase your yield and pack bulk onto your buds. 

    Applications: Soil, Soilless, Coco, Rockwool, Hydroponics and Aeroponics
    Dilution Ratio: Mix 1g per 4L (1gal) in the vegetative stage and 2g per 4L (1gal) in the flowering stage.

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