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Corn Sweet Peaches And Cream

    Corn Sweet Peaches And Cream


    Corn Sweet Peaches And Cream

    This sweet Peaches and Cream Corn variety gives two different sweet flavours in every bite. It matures quite early in the season and grows to an amazing 6 ft height with 8″ long ears. The popular bicolor kernels are a favourite amongst Corn lovers! 

    25-30 Seeds/Package Untreated

    When planting in rows, space the seed 10-15 cm (4-6″) apart, later thinning to 20-30 cm (8-12″) apart with the rows 55-75 cm (22-30″) apart. To ensure proper pollination, plant at least 3 to 4 rows. Corn can also be planted with 3 to 4 seeds per hill in hills spaced 30 cm (12″) apart. Plant 250 gr (1/2 lb) to a 30 m (100′) row; 4.5-6.8 kg (10-15 lbs) per acre. Work in a good general vegetable fertilizer at planting, keep weeds under control and the soil evenly watered through the season. Sow only when soils have warmed to 18 C. Some years this happens in mid May, other years we need to wait until late May or early June.

    • Fruit Size: 8-9 inches
    • Height: 60-72 inches
    • Sowing: Direct Sow
    • Sun: Full Sun
    • Spread: 12-14 inches
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