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Dill Aneto Herb

    Dill Aneto Herb


      Dill Aneto Herb Seeds

      Dill seeds produce a plant that should be a part of any herb garden. Seeds grown from the plant and foliage can be used to flavour foods and are especially important in the flavouring of vinegar and pickles. Dill is regularly used in gardens as a quick growing attractant for beneficial insects such as lace wings, lady bugs, hover flies and parasitic wasps as well as a food source for butterflies and other pollinators.

      Seeds/Package Untreated Non GMO.

      Sow seeds outdoors in late May, then every two weeks through to the end of June. Dill is a low maintenance plant & prolific grower. All you really need to do is provide water when necessary. Lightly feed with a general all purpose fertilizer as too much can adversely affect the production of the essential oils responsible for flavour and aroma. Dill is grown for its leaves and seeds.

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