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DNF Bloom A-B - 1 litre - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    DNF Bloom A-B

    $19.00 $27.00

    DNF Bloom A-B

    Dutch Nutrient Formula Bloom, is plant nutrition developed in Holland. It has been in existence for over 23 years and has everything required for plants to obtain optimum growth.

    DNF Bloom is an easy to use, convenient 2-part formula for both Grow and Bloom stages which maximizes nutrient uptake.

    Our method combined with superior ingredients eliminates binding, solidification and waste of mineral elements, which occurs in ordinary 1-part plant food. All elements in DNF are utilized making it the most economical nutrition for your plants.

    Looking for something better? Try Grotek Solotek Grow and Grotek Solotek Bloom.


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