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Dutchman's Tower Garden

    Dutchman's Tower Garden

    $597.93 $999.00

      Stackable Vertical Hydroponics Growing System

      The Dutchman's Tower Garden is a modular, stackable vertical hydroponics growing system, designed to maximize yield indoors or outdoors in a small growing space, with the least amount of effort possible.

      The Dutchman's Tower Garden is a NFT-based hydroponics system that can hold up to 80 planting sites and be fitted with LED grow lights.

      Grow Light Add-On: The Dutchman's Tower Garden can be fitted with full length grow lights to maximize yield when growing indoors or in low-light conditions.

      Benefits of The Dutchman's Tower Garden

      Our Hydroponics Tower Systems works with all types of seeds including cannabis and can be used with any nutrient brand. You don't have to buy any special fertilzer brand to keep your garden growing, allowing you to reduce your growing costs. 

      We do recommend Future Harvest Nutrients which are super affordable and ph buffered allowing for ease of use by anyone especially beginner growers. No need to set ph, or buy costly ph pens. Just mix and forget.

      The Dutchman's Tower Garden does not use any proprietary pods or require any over-priced nutrients to get started. Making upkeep of your system super affordable.

      Our Tower Garden allows you to control the number of planting sites depending on your own requirements. The modules can be snap-n-locked in place for each layer allowing you to grow from 24-80 plants.


      No Supervision Required

      Our Tower Garden requires no supervision once setup. The system runs itself. We do however recommend taking a peak at it once a day, and who doesn't love to watch their garden grow.


      Setup Is Easy

      The Dutchman's Tower Garden can be assembled by snapping modules into place without the use of any tools. Assembly can be done within 30 min or less usually with children even able to assemble it.

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