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Eggplant Long Violet 3 - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    Eggplant Long Violet 3


    Eggplant Long Violet 3 Seeds

    Early producer, this dark purple variety are best used before they reach (8″ to 10″ long). Each plant grows to (24″ to 30″) and produces 12-14 or more cylindrical Eggplants.

    200 Seeds/Package Untreated Non GMO


    Start seed indoors about 10 weeks before your typical last frost date. Soak seeds in water overnight before planting. Seed germinates best at a temperature of 27 C (80 F). After seeds sprout, continue growing near daylight at a slightly cooler temperature of 23 C (72 F). Harden off seedlings gradually then transplant outside to the garden after the danger of frost has passed. Plant in a full sun location with a fertile, highly organic soil. Place the transplants 60 cm (24″) apart in rows 90 cm (36″) apart. Keep evenly watered through the season and feed regularly with a low nitrogen fertilizer. About 3 to 4 weeks before your typical first fall frost date, pinch off any blossoms that develop. This well encourage the plant to put it’s energy towards maturing the fruit that it is already carrying. Mature fruit is dark and shiny and the surface will not spring back when it is depressed and released.


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