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Emily's Garden Hydroponic System

    Emily's Garden Hydroponic System

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    Emily's Garden Hydroponic System

    Emily's Garden System is a Hydroponics system for growing flowers, herbs and vegetables together in ONE hydroponic system.

    Emily’s Garden includes individual planters (filled with Hydroton Growing medium) that rest in a pump-aerated nutrient solution. Your plants absorb food and water as they need it. Pour in a little nutrient and water every week… and that’s it!

     Emily's Garden System Includes:

    • 2 Gallon Reservoir w/ Formed Cover
    • 6 Planters (6″ x 6″ x 7″ tall)
    • Seed Starter Cubes & Growing Medium
    • Pump & Tubing
    • Hydroponic Nutrients and pH Test Kit
    • Water Level Indicator


    Size: 16″ x 24″ x 6″ tall

    Grower’s Tip: Ebb & flow systems provide an ideal environment for growing orchids because of their ability to accommodate different growing media. Also, because food and water are delivered directly to plant roots all of their energy is devoted to growing (and blooming) above the surface… not below it!


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