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Plant Flush

    Plant Flush


    Future Harvest: Plant Flush

    There are certain compounds of nutrients that you do not want in your final product. By flushing your plant with plain water before harvest, it will force it to use up these unwanted compounds which will result in a cleaner product.

    Plant Flush will stop any further intake of nutrients through the roots and will cause the plant to only use the nutrients stored within the plant.

    This will greatly reduce the amount of time you need to flush your plants in order to achieve a cleaner end product! 

    Future Harvest Plant Flush key features:

    • Works as a cleaning agent for your hydroponic and aeroponic systems
    • Can be used to treat over fertilization
    • Cuts off nutrient supply from the roots to force the plant to use up nutrients in the plant
    • Works alongside and in addition to all industry leading manufacturer feed schedules
    • Concentration of active ingredients on par with competitor brands
    • Works for all grow media and methods


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