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Grodan Mini Block 1.5x1.5 (strip of 15)

    Grodan Mini Block 1.5x1.5 (strip of 15)

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    Grodan Gro Delta Mini Block MM 40/40 6/15 No Wrap

    Grodan Pro plugs are designed for seed and cutting propagation prior to "blocking on" into larger growing blocks. The V-shape design of the plug discourages tangling of roots between the plugs in the A-OK plug sheet. A-OK plugs come in a sheet that fits a standard 10x20 flat.

    Single Sheet includes:
    1 strip of 15 plugs 1.5'' x 1.5"


    The finely woven stone wool in the Starter Plug provides the perfect environment for young roots.

    • GRODAN plugs have excellent uniformity, strength and shape that provides the perfect basis for optimum germination and uniform seedling results.
    • The uniformity and reliability of GRODAN plugs provide a solid basis for automatic or manual processing, uniform germination and a crop that can be transplanted successfully.
    • GRODAN plugs have a uniform density, firmness and fibrous structure. This means that distribution of water, nutrients and pH-value is also uniform, which has a beneficial effect on germination results.

    Grodan’s products are designed to work together as a complete, professional growing system allowing cultivators to handle and process young plants at much faster rates. The 1.5” size A-OK Starter Plugs™ fit snugly into the Gro-Smart tray which, in turn, can sit comfortably inside a standard size propagation dome.

     The steps for successful propagation with A-OKs are easy:

    1. Saturate
    the A-OK Starter Plug with 1.5 EC nutrient solution pH adjusted to 5.5 – 6.5 with a coarse spray or submerged for up to 1 minute and let drain.

    2. Take cuttings
    that are no more than 14 days old, apply rooting solution to cut only and insert stem ½ inches into the saturated A-OK.If growing from seed, place one seed using clean tools into the perfectly sized hole of the saturated A-OK.Monitor the wet weight. Once the wet weight reaches 50% apply an irrigation with a nutrient solution of 1.5 EC and 5.5 pH. Drain excess to prevent mould, algae a

    nd disease.Allow your seedlings and cuttings adequate time to fully exploit all the stone wool in the A-OK Starter Plug™ before transplanting.

    3. Transplant
    When it comes to transplant time, moving your young plants on to the next stage couldn’t be easier! Grodan Gro-Blocks come prefabricated with the perfect sized hole to accommodate our A-OK Starter Plugs™. Soak the A-OK Starter Plug™ and Gro-Block in the same strength nutrient solution — typically 1.5 EC at pH 5.5. Once the A-OK Starter Plug is well rooted with strong white roots emerging from the plug, transplant the young plant  into the hole at the top of the Gro-Block.

    Grodan takes the guesswork out of propagation, allowing you to generate batch after batch of consistent, healthy, and vigorous young plants.

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