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Grotek Biofuse

    Grotek Biofuse


    Grotek Biofuse


    Grotek Biofuse is a water-soluble inoculant containing microorganisms that come to life when applied to soil. These beneficial microbes colonize the soil immediately surrounding plant roots, adding biodiversity that is often lacking in soilless environments.

    Application Rate: 1 gram covers 1 square meter.

    IngredientsBacillus subtillis 2.48 x 108 CFU/g
    Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 5.0 x 106 CFU/g

    More info about Grotek BioFuse:

    Biofuse is a concentrated blend of naturally occurring bacteria that have no genetic modification and are approved for use under Canadian organic standards. The bacterial species in Biofuse have shown in field trials that they can support growth by increasing available nutrients. The biology in Biofuse has the ability to help growers get a better result from their crops by working with nature, adding more than a nutrient program alone can.

    For best results, apply to soil/growing media and water in, or dilute in water and apply at roots. 

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