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Black Pearl
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    Black Pearl


    Grotek Black Pearl

    Black Pearl™ is more than just high-quality charcoal. It is ladened with high-grade ingredients like biochar, volcanic rock dust, low molecular weight humates, and kelp. The harmony between ingredients in the soil provide a dramatic boost to crops when added to any nutrient program.

    Application Rate: 900ml mixes into 36L of growing media.

    IngredientsBiochar, volcanic ash deposit, kelp, low molecular weight humates.

    More info about Black Pearl:

    Thousands of years ago, activated charcoal was discovered to improve crop productivity by enhancing soil quality. Applying modern technology to a time-honoured practice has produced a premium biochar for supercharging soil and soilless media. Carefully selected ingredients support beneficial soil biology, and improve nutrient cycling and moisture holding capacity.

    Black Pearl was the first product added to the Grotek Green Line! In 2009, Grotek brought biochar into our industry as a means to improve soil quality. Continued research is the reason we increased the level of Biochar in our formula (60% by weight). The evidence is clear - when used as part of a soil and nutrient management program, Biochar can create optimal conditions to increase plant growth while improving overall soil quality and supporting beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere.

    Black Pearl is more than just high-quality Biochar. It is highly charged with quality organic inputs such as volcanic rock dust, kelp, and low molecular weight humates. The synergy between ingredients in the soil provides a dramatic boost to crops when added to any nutrient program. 

    Not all Biochar is created equal, and making Biochar isn’t as easy as starting a fire and scooping ash and charcoal into your containers. The Biochar in Black Pearl is virgin wood fiber that is harvested from sustainably managed forests and designed through an engineered pyrolytic process (low oxygen combustion). It is a considered a Class 1 product by the International Biochar Initiative, and has an exceptional surface area of over 700m2/g. Black Pearl is a perfect addition to any nutrient program to help support plant growth by focusing on soil quality and supporting root development.

    Black Pearl™ is best applied during soil mixing or transplanting into soil and soilless media. Black Pearl can be used as a top dress, but will be more effective when incorporated into the medium/soil.

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