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    Heavy Bud Pro


    Grotek Heavy Bud Pro

    While every grower works for a higher yield, it's outstanding flavour and aroma that makes a great grower stand out. Heavy Bud™ Pro builds quality in high yielding crops. A fusion of ingredients to improve metabolism, sugar content, essential oils and key metabolites. The nutrients in this formula support improved flavour, aroma, and shelf life. Heavy Bud Pro is meant for use during the mid to late stages of floral development when plants focus on flower density and fruit quality.

    Application Rate: 1L makes 500L of solution. Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix ½ tsp per 1.25 qt of water (2 ml / 1 L). Use 3−4 times during the ripening stage of plant growth.

    Ingredients: Potassium hydroxide, Fermented Molasses, Boric Acid.

    More info about Grotek Heavy Bud Pro:

    Heavy Bud Pro contains 4 different carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) to provide plants with extra energy during rapid flower development:

    • Fructose
    • Glucose
    • Maltose
    • Cellulose

    These plant-based sugars are extracted during a specific, multistage fermentation process using sugar beet molasses and glucose syrup.  

    The fermentation of plant materials has additional benefits, such as making nutrients more readily available for plants.  The organic matter present in this fermentation process is also known to improve physical properties of soil and soilless media.  

    Added available nutrients optimize conditions for improved flower development, better fruit set, higher metabolism, and increased sugar flow to the developing flowers. This leads to better plant vigour and, in the end, higher yields.

    Heavy Bud Pro is formulated to create explosive results when used with Monster Bloom.  The amazing power of Monster Bloom to provide the nutrients necessary to support massive flowers and fruit is complemented by its ability to encourage depth, quality, and high-grade crops. Together, they mean high impact flower density, fruit production, and quality of yield.

    Apply during mid to late bloom for maximum impact.

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