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Precision Grow

    Precision Grow


    Grotek Precision Grow

    Grotek Precisio Grow is part of a complete nutrient package when combined with Precision Bloom and Precision Micro components. The 3-Part Precision base nutrients are designed to be a full-cycle fertilizer package, suitable for soilless and hydroponic production systems. 

    Use Precision Grow, Bloom, and Micro in combination to provide essential crop nutrition throughout all stages of growth. The Precision products were designed to meet the expectations of discerning growers.

    More info about Precision Grow:

    Precision Grow is the first component of a flexible 3-part fertilizer package, suited to a range of crops and growth stages.  Precision Grow focuses on vegetative growth, containing concentrated nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.  All nutrients in the Precision line are provided in optimized ratios to meet the demands of heavy feeding crops.  

    Suitable for all types of soilless and water culture systems. 


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