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Pro-Silicate - 500 ml Grotek - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply



    Grotek Pro-Silicate

    With a high concentration of soluble potash and silica, Pro-Silicate™ was developed for use in soilless media and hydroponic systems where these elements may be lacking. While not considered an essential nutrient, plants accumulate silica in macro proportions for good reason. Silica is known to strengthen cell walls and overall cell integrity, which makes plants more resistant to abiotic stress such as heat and drought.  

    Application Rate: 1L makes 2000L of solution. 

    IngredientsPotassium Silicate, Potassium Chloride

    More info about Grotek Pro Silicate:

    While not considered an essential element for most crops, silica helps virtually all plant species on the planet by supporting strong cell wall development.  Rigid cell walls are crucial for tolerance of abiotic stress such as heat and drought, which prevents wilting and ensures strong plant performance.  With two sources of potassium (potassium silicate and potassium chloride), Pro-Silicate adds the nutrients necessary for improved flowering and fruiting. 

    Use Pro-Silicate during vegetative and reproductive growth. Watch pH as Pro-Silicate is a strong base.

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