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    Vitamax Pro


    Grotek Vitamax Pro

    Vitamax Pro provides soil and soilless gardens with key organic matter to help drive plant production. Nutrients from land and sea provide array of minerals to help plants build bigger roots, stronger shoots, and incredible flowers.

    Application Rate: 1L makes 1000L of solution. Mix ¼ tsp per 1.25 qt of water (1 ml / 1 L). Apply every week during the growing season.

    Ingredients: Monopotassium Phosphate, Fermented Molasses, Kelp.

    More info about Grotek Vitamax Pro:

    Vitamax™ Pro is an organic-based version of our industry mainstay, Vitamax™ Plus. This formula provides a variety of benefits for the soil and soilless gardener looking to improve soil quality, and to support beneficial microbes.  This formulation provides essential plant nutrition to improve abiotic plant resilience in rapid growing conditions.  Organic matter improves soil conditions and positively impacts growth.  

    Vitamax Pro a great choice for those growing in peat and coir because of its base of low molecular weight humates, which are a by-product of the fermentation process.  These humates hold plant nutrients in the rhizosphere in highly available forms, while also supporting microbial activity.

    This formula is a multi stage product, and can be used from seedling through to harvest with continued benefits throughout the entire plant life-cycle.

    Although this Vitamax Pro is high in organic matter, it has benchmark low levels of particulate in the solution and is suitable for all hydroponic systems.  

    Vitamax™ Pro provides nutrients to encourage green growth, strong root development, and abiotic stress resistance during critical stages in the plant life cycle. Regular use improves conditions for robust plants and larger blooms, fruits, and flowers.

    Ideal for greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.

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