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Active Air Heavy Duty 16
Active Air Heavy Duty 16
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    Active Air Heavy Duty 16" Metal Wall Mount Fan

    $119.00 $124.00

    Heavy Duty 16" Metal Wall Mount Fan

    Commercial-grade quality heavy duty and industrial-strength steel combine to provide superior air circulation and durability to handle the toughest environments.

    The Active Air Heavy Duty 16" Wall Mount Fan is whisper quiet and easily attaches to your wall with a simple bracket.

    Featuring variable speeds, solid-state speed controller, side-to- side oscillation, and tilting head to direct air where you need it most.

    • 3 speeds
    • High speed: 1350 RPM
    • Side-to side oscillation or lock in place
    • Fan tilts up and down
    • Industrial strength construction
    • Steel frame and aluminum blades for maximum durability
    • Powerful, quiet motor - maximum wattage and reliability
    • Continuous operation - built to run 24/7
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