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Jack's Classic 15-30-15 Houseplant Special - 227gr - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    Jack's Classic 15-30-15 Houseplant Special


    Jacks Classic 15-30-15 Houseplant Special Fertilizer

    Houseplant Special 15-30-15 is our traditional indoor houseplant fertilizer designed for use on all foliage and flowering plants.

    Jacks Houseplant Special fertilizer works on Ficus Fiddle Leafs, snake plants, aloes, jades and more!

    Professional growers prefer the 1-2-1 ratio fertilizer used for over 50 years to keep indoor grown plants vigorous and green. Great for long term plants! Used in a constant feed system, it keeps the nutrition levels constant preventing nutrient stress from over or under feeding. This product can also be used outdoors as a transplant solution and as a blossom booster for all flowering plants. Works great with ficus fiddle leaf plants!

    For use on

    Philodendron, pothos, ficus fiddle leaf, spathyphyllum, dracaenas, schefflera, palms, spider plants & aglaonema. Can also be used on outdoor flowering plants, and as a transplant solution.


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