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Jack's Classic Citrus FeED 20-10-20
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    Jack's Classic Citrus FeED 20-10-20


    Jacks Classic Citrus Feed 20-10-20 Fertilizer

    Citrus FeED fertilizer 20-10-20 is designed to provide the optimum combination of nutrients needed by plants in the citrus group. This formula with enhanced micronutrient levels will produce vibrant green leaves, strong branches and more fruit. Our advanced formulation uses the highest quality nutrients available, delivering professional results to your home garden. When used as directed, Jack’s Jacks Citrus fertilizer will allow your plants to uptake the nutrients through both its roots and leaves.

    For use on

    Tropical fruiting plants like Meyer lemons and dwarf varieties, other lemons & limes, oranges, grapefruits, mangos, kumquats.

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