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    Liquid Weight


    Green Planet Nutrients: Liquid Weight

    Liquid Weight is a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates along with proprietary extracted triacontinol, yucca extracts, bio-available amino acids, ascorbic acid and low molecular weight humic acid. These ingredients are what give your plants the natural ability to produce it’s own carbohydrate supply.

    Liquid Weight is an excellent carbohydrate supplement that provides an added energy source for your plants giving you huge impressive fruits and flowers. Beneficial carb sources support both your plant directly and act as a food source for the microbial life in the root zone. This leads to an increased absorption of essential nutrients and growth stimulants such as triacontanol.

    In order for carbohydrates to be absorbed with the least amount of effort a humic source such as fulvic acid is needed to help chelate and elicit a hormone like response that increases the permeability of the root membranes allowing much easier uptake. Liquid W-8 has natural surfactants such as yucca and the naturally derived plant steroid triacontanol. The formula is balanced with bio-available L form amino acids and ascorbic acid.

    With all these components Liquid W8 is the premier flowering carbohydrate super supplement.

    Liquid W-8 Features:

        •    Instant energy for plants
        •    Food Source for beneficial microbes
        •    Contains a complex blend of carbohydrates
        •    Increases resin and essential oil production
        •    Great value
        •    Protects against plant stress
        •    Increases flavour and taste
        •    Increases yields

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