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Microgreen Propagation Tray w/Holes

    Microgreen Propagation Tray w/Holes

    $2.60 $3.20

    Microgreen Propagation Tray with Holes

    Single use microgreen tray for starting microgreens, wheatgrass and seedlings of any sort. Drain holes allow for easy drainage when watering to prevent water pooling and buildup.

    Microgreen Propagation Tray w/Holes Features:

    • Solid Sturdy Plastic reinforced sides and lip.
    • UV Protection for durability and long life.
    • Deep, continuous channels and ‘level fit’ wide ridges prevent water pooling and provide better stability for propagation media
    • Extra strength, making them easier to carry and move when harvesting.
    • Easy to nest and separate

    Microgreen trays are shallow allowing you to cut your microgreens closer to the plant base for increased yields.

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