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Oyster Golden King Mushroom Mycelium

    Oyster Golden King Mushroom Mycelium


    Oyster Golden King Mushroom Mycelium

    Mushroom Golden Oyster Mycelium Spore (Fr. Champignon D’Or) is highly prized by many French chefs and rightly so. Incredible rich succulent flavour and colour.

    Botanical Name: Pleurotus Cornucopie.

    50 grams Seeds/Package Untreated Non GMO

    How to Propagate Oyster Golden King Mushrooms

    Get some good quality golden wheat straw. Cut into pieces (2-3cm) long. Water for 1-2 days until it’s all equally wet. Get some plastic bags approximately 5-10 inches size.

    Mix the wet straw with the Golden Oyster Mycelium fill the bag. Fold and close the top of each bag without sealing it so that the Mycelium can breathe and develop.

    Keep the bags at (25-28C) for 30-40 days until all the straw is covered with a white, pleasant smelling mould. Cut the top of each bag and open it as far as the mixture.

    Then cover it with 2cm of soil and keep it damp, the first fungi will begin to grow after

    approximately 15-20 days from the time the bag was opened. The ideal temperature for them to develop is between (15-25C).

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