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Parsley Giant Leaf Italian Classic

    Parsley Giant Leaf Italian Classic


    Parsley Giant Leaf Italian Classic Seeds

    Parsley Giant Leaf Italian classic Neapolitan heirloom. Exceptional variety with the largest of the flat leafed Parsleys often considered the finest. Dark Green flat heavy leaves with strong stems smooth sharp indented broad leaves medium-strong aroma. Wonderful sweet flavour fantastic production.

    A must for any Garden!

    Germination is hastened by first soaking seeds in water overnight. After soaking, sow seed 6 mm (1/4″) deep in rows 40 cm (16″) apart. Be patient. Parsley takes up to three weeks to sprout. Keep the seedbed evenly moist, but avoid crusting over the soil as this will greatly reduce the number of seedlings that emerge. Mulching the seed bed aids germination. Thin seedlings to 10 cm (4″) apart after germination. Keep parsley well weeded.

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