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Poplar Mushroom Pioppino Mycelium

    Poplar Mushroom Pioppino Mycelium


    Poplar Mushroom Pioppino Mycelium

    Poplar Mushroom Spore (Pioppino) Mycelium Spore is a wonderful Italian delicacy, the Poplar Mushroom (Il Pioppino-under the Poplar tree) has a beautiful colour and firm texture particularly well suited for cooking in your favourite dish. Rarely found in North America, it has a unique flavour. Botanical Name: Pholiota Aegerita

    50 grams Seeds/Package Untreated Non GMO

    How to Propagate Poplar Mushrooms

    Use a clean corner in a cool dark room. Spread clean Cardboard on the floor, dampen and sprinkle with mycelium. Cover with a first layer of poplar logs, place other logs, more mycelium and so on up to a maximum of 5 layers. On the final layer distribute more Mycelium and cover with cardboard. Cover the entire mass with clean cloth, dampen and then cover again with a sheet of polyethylene without sealing it. During the incubation stage (2-3 months) at a temperature between (20-28C) the logs will be covered in a white pleasant smelling patina.
    Carry the sown logs to the chosen site for production (Garden, Fields, Undergrowth, etc.) and bury them 2/3 the way down in a sheltered place. Keep the logs damp and they will produce the following autumn until spring for the next 3 years.

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