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Double Thick Propagation Tray White

    Double Thick Propagation Tray White

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    Double Thick Propagation Tray White

    Mondi Double thick propagation Tray’s are vacuum-molded, plastic flats that measures 11” long, 22” wide, and 2½“ deep. These double thick seedling flats are a greenhouse industry standard size. In combination with a wide selection of inserts and accessories, they provide a flexible system for starting all types of crops and seedlings.

    Mondi Clean & Strong premium propagation tray is first and only black & white premium propagation tray on the market. It's double thick wall prevents breaking and allows them to be used year after year. Tray can hold water and be lifted with out bending and spilling water like normal seedling trays. 

    Regular trays are $3.99 at Canadian Tire, Lowes, Home Depot. Ours are double thick and cost less than your local gardening store! Shop Dutchmans Garden Supply


    Feature of Double Thick Propagation Trays:

    • Premium grade virgin materials for cleanliness and durability.
    • Premium white plastic for increased light reflectivity.
    • Reinforced outside shell made from recycled materials provide strongest support to date.
    • Black base prevents light penetration to the root zone and reduces the chance of root disease.
    • Best design 1020 flat (standard propagation tray) on the market with double thick walls.
    • Perfectly fits all humidity domes.
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