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Purelife Soil Earthworm Castings
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    Purelife Soil Earthworm Castings

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    Purelife Soil Earthworm Castings

    Our premium organic earthworm castings work with your soil to promote plant growth and root structure. Contains essential plant nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms which increase moisture retention and optimizes growth. The worm castings can be used both indoor or outdoor for seed germination, seedling propagation, and on existing plants.

    We recommend creating a mixture that consists of 80%-85% of existing soil and 15%-20% of our premium organic castings. Purelife earth worm castings also includes directions on how to use the castings with varying beds, baskets, and lawns on the back of the bag.

    An excellent soil amendment with the right mix of quality nutrients for optimal growth!

    Benefits of Purelife Soil Earthworm Castings:

    • All natural, odorless and non-toxic
    • Rich in humus
    • Improves soil structure and aeration
    • Contains essential plant nutrients and beneficial micro organisms
    • Demonstrated fungicide and insect repelling properties
    • pH neutral
    • Adds beneficial micro organisms for pathogen control
    • Increased plant growth rate
    • Contains vitamins, enzymes and plant growth promoters such as auxins and Gibberellins
    • Safe to use on annuals, perennials, seedlings, cacti and succulents
    • Significantly cuts your fertilizer inputs
    • Excellent water retention which substantially reduces irrigation
    • Free from harmful pathogens and contains beneficial organisms to protect against disease
    • Will not wash out with watering


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