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Spectralux MH 400 Watt Lamp 4200 K

    Spectralux MH 400 Watt Lamp 4200 K

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    Spectralux 400 Watt Metal Halide Bulb

    The Spectralux® Metal Halide (MH) have a 4,200°K color temperature. These lamps emits in the bluish and green regions of the light spectrum with good spectral distribution. Stimulates plant growth more efficiently than any other light source. They are engineered to be compatible with both magnetic and electronic ballasts. Spectralux® lamps are optimized for use with Sun System® brand ballasts and reflectors. The Spectralux® lamps are high quality, feature robust construction and have excellent reliability. Universal burn position.

    Metal Halide or MH grow bulbs are rich in the blue region, which partially benefits the grow plants during flowering and vegetation.

    • Provides a high and intense quality of light.
    • Easier to work with, and shows up the true color of plants.
    • Doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to set up.

    Why Do You Need Grow Lights?

    1. They provide the plants with essential light power to photosynthesis.
    2. The heat produced from lights let the plants stay warm naturally.
    3. Grow lights cycles help plants to grow with the perfect dark-light periods.
    4. It lets you observe the plants closely, and understand their specs.
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