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SunBlaster 48

    SunBlaster 48" T5 LED Conversion Bulb

    $32.00 $39.00

    SunBlaster 48" T5 LED Conversion Bulb

    SUNBLASTER™ T5LED CONVERSION LAMPS provide a higher quality light output than our original T5HO fluorescent lamps with the added benefit of an extended operating lifetime of approximately 35,000 hours. That is 3.5 times longer than our traditional fluorescent lamps.

    They contain no mercury and are better for the environment. Instantly converts SunBlaster™ fluorescent strip light fixtures to high quality LED output in just seconds. 100% compatible with all SunBlaster™ T5HO Strip Lights and most popular remote electronic ballasted T5HO lighting fixtures. One Year Warranty is included.

    SunBlaster 48" T5 LED Conversion Bulb Details:

    • Instant Upgrade from T5HO to LED - convert in just seconds
    • Improved lighting spectrum and output
    • Heat reduction lowering operating costs even further
    • Purpose built conversion LEDs made for SunBlaster™ fixtures• Safe & easy upgrade
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