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Swiss Chard Rhubarb Da Coste - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    Swiss Chard Rhubarb Da Coste


    Swiss Chard Rhubarb Da Coste Heirloom Seeds

    This is an extremely unusual variety very popular in Europe and abroad. Leaves have a bright Green hue and are very savoyed in texture. Somewhat similar to a Spinach leaf, beautiful ruby Red colour growth habits. It is also an early producer, good cutting variety growing new shoots readily.
    200-230 Seeds/Package Untreated Non GMO


    Swiss Chard grows best in well drained soils with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. Sow seeds about 1-2 cm (1/2-3/4″) deep and 2.5 cm (1″) apart in rows 45 cm (18″) apart starting in mid spring. Sowing every two weeks until early summer will ensure continuous supply. Gradually thin out to 10 cm (4″) apart using the smaller baby greens. Harvest outer leaves first by cutting at the base of the stem then working towards the centre as you go.

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