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Watermelon Crimson Sweet - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    Watermelon Crimson Sweet


    Watermelon Crimson Sweet Seeds

    Watermelon Crimson Sweet Large 25 lb striped watermelon.
    This sweet and juicy Watermelon reigns supreme. Large round melons are beauties, light Green with dark green stripes and golden Yellow rinds. Flesh is dark Red firm and fine textured.
    20-25 Seeds/Package Untreated Non GMO


    Seeds require 5-10 days at a soil temperature of 24 C (75 F) to germinate, any lower and germination will be inhibited. Sow 6-8 seeds per hill 12 mm (1/2″) deep in hills spaced 1.8- 2.4 m (6-8′) from each other. Thin to 3-4 plants per hill. Keep plants well watered.

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