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Cool Tube Light Tube w/Reflector 6

    Cool Tube Light Tube w/Reflector 6"

    $55.00 $129.93

    LightEnerG(TM) Light Tube 6" Air Cooled Reflector

    ETL approved and designed with the best air circulation and light reflectivity available. The interior reflective surface features a specially angled shape with highly reflective German specular aluminum, while the powder coated white enamel exterior protects it from the elements. On top of this, their light tubes provide the most unobstructed air flow in any standard air cooled reflector, allowing you to position your lamps closer to your plants for maximum photosynthetic response. Light Tube Reflectors can be hung horizontally or vertically for different growing applications. They come pre-wired with a Leviton socket, hangers and 15' of 16/3 (600V) lamp cord that is ready to plug into your LightEnerG(TM) Ballast. Light Tube Reflectors can accommodate most bulbs (not included), with the exception of a BT-56.

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