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Sunblaster 48
Sunblaster 48
Sunblaster 48

    Sunblaster 48" T5 Fluorescent Light Combo

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    Sunblaster 48" T5 Fluorescent Combo

    The Sunblaster 48" T5 Fluorescent Combo is a comprehensive lighting solution designed to enhance plant growth across various stages, from seeding to full maturity. It's equipped with advanced features that cater to both commercial and residential indoor gardening.

    Key Features of the Sunblaster 48" T5 Fluorescent Combo:

    • High-Performance Lighting: Includes a 6400K T5HO lamp known for its high output, providing an ideal spectrum for seed germination, cuttings, and sustained plant growth. The lamp offers spectral peaks at 435 nm and 615 nm, matching the crucial wavelengths needed for optimal photosynthesis.
    • Efficient Light Distribution: Features the NanoTech T5 Reflector, which enhances light spread across the plant canopy without extra power consumption. This reflector boosts light output by up to 48% and reduces heat by reflecting it back into the growing area, which can prolong the life of both the lamp and ballast.
    • Energy Saving and Low Heat Output: The efficient design allows the lighting fixture to operate with minimal heat output, enabling you to place the fixture 6-8 inches above the plants, thus maximizing photosynthetic efficiency and growth without the risk of heat stress.
    • Versatile Mounting Options: Comes with everything needed for setup, including a power cable, link cord, and hanging clips. The combo also includes both hanging and flat surface mounting clips, offering flexibility in installation.
    • Bloom and Flower Support: For growers focusing on flowering stages, 2700K replacement bulbs are available to promote blooming.

    This lighting system is ideal for those looking to improve the health and vigor of their plants. Its design ensures even light distribution, eliminating the need to rotate plants frequently. This setup is perfect for gardeners who want a reliable, long-term growth solution that mimics natural light conditions effectively.


    Available in various sizes:

    To perfectly match your gardening needs, the Sunblaster T5 Fluorescent Combo is tailored in a variety of lengths, each designed to optimize your plant growth with precision. Available sizes include:


    Explore these options to enhance your indoor gardening with the right lighting solution, ensuring your plants thrive in an environment tailored just for them. Each link provides direct access to detailed specifications and purchase options, streamlining your path to a greener garden.

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