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Equinox 660 LED Grow Light - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply
Equinox 660 LED Grow Light - Dutchman's Hydroponics & Garden Supply

    Equinox 660 LED Grow Light

    $400.00 $699.00

    Equinox 660 Samsung LED Grow Light

    The Equinox 660 is great for those wanting 600watts of grow power in small area. Measuring 16" x 24" this light is perfect for those with limited space who still want an LED that will facilitate explosive growth and yield when flowering! Perfect for shelving, cabinets or small enclosed grow areas.

    Drawing only 320 watts this light offers a 52% energy reduction when replacing a 600W HPS light.

    Trichome production is increased by 10% - 15%. Cooling costs are reduced by over half. Expect 90,000 hours (20 years @ 12hrs/ day) of use with less than 10% light depreciation. Proudly manufactured in Canada this light is backed by a 5-year warranty. The rugged workhorse design makes this fixture the obvious choice for growers seeking a high production and low energy lighting solution.

    Equinox 660 LED Grow Light Benefits

    • Increased Yields and Trichome Production
    • Lower Energy Consumption
    • Reduced Cooling Requirements
    • Robust High Efficiency Design
    • Additional Flowering Cycle Each Year

    Top Features of Equinox 660 LED:

    • Canada’s first LED horticultural light meeting all UL safety standards and is proudly manufactured in Waterloo, Ontario.
    • Complies with UL1598 for horticultural lighting electrical safety standards.
    • A thermal protection auto-dimming feature guarantees the fixture will never overheat or reach temperatures that could degrade the components and shorten its lifespan.
    • An indexed manual dimming feature allowing growers to conserve energy when plants are at early stages of development.
    • The rugged high-grade aluminum design ensures this fixture can be utilized in tough working environments with minimal risk of damage.
    • There are no mechanical cooling fans to clean or service.
    • Tested and certified for high humidity environments.
    • Minimal heat output lowers the growers cooling capacity requirements as well energy costs.
    • All electronic components are of the highest quality brands including Samsung LEDs and Mean Well power supplies. No off-brand components have been used in the manufacturing of this light fixture.
    • I:F Lighting’s proprietary LED control board ensures consistent light output from all LEDs.

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