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Speaking With Your Doctor On Cannabis

Aug 13 2020 cannabis doctor prescription

If there is any term that defines the modern cannabis industry, the term would undoubtedly be “change.” This applies to the internal workings of business and policy, as well as the perceived image of cannabis in the public eye. Looking to the medical field, legitimate scientific studies into the benefits of cannabis are still in their infancy. This notion, coupled with drug-war rhetoric that is still ingrained in the minds of many, has stimulated an air of skepticism among the medical community concerning the legitimacy of cannabis. Moreover, medical marijuana patients are often left confused about how they can talk...

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Guide to Growing Autoflowering Cannabis

Jun 16 2020 autoflower cannabis grow guide

Four Stages of Growth in Fast Forward Autoflowering cannabis cultivation always starts from seed. Let’s be perfectly clear and get this straight from the outset: you can’t crop autos from clones. Sure, you can take a cutting from a mature autoflowering plant and probably get it to take root too. But that little shrub will never grow to a decent size because it will transition to bloom far too soon for you to bring more than a snack-sized bud to harvest a few weeks later. This can be a fun botanical experiment or a novelty ganja gift for a friend,...

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Managing Fan Leaves On Cannabis

May 28 2020 cannabis fan leaves marijuana

Marijuana fan leaves, also known as sun leaves because they love to bask in the sun, or hand leaves (when they get really large), are the unofficial symbol of the cannabis plant. Recognizable by most and now a mainstream symbol, what are cannabis fan leaves and why do they matter?When it comes to managing your fan leaves, there are several different schools of thought and each are correct in different situations. Don’t be afraid to follow these defoliation philosophies to increase your bud’s potential:    Fan leaves are the powerhouse for photosynthesis so shouldn’t generally be removed. Removal, also known...

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