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Sunblaster 36
Sunblaster 36
Sunblaster 36

    Sunblaster 36" T5 Fluorescent Light Combo

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    Sunblaster 36" T5 Fluorescent Combo

    Enhance your indoor gardening setup with the Sunblaster 36" T5HO Fluorescent Combo, designed to provide optimal lighting conditions for a variety of plant growth stages. This comprehensive lighting solution includes advanced features to ensure efficient and effective growth for both commercial and residential applications.

    Key Features of the Sunblaster 36" T5 Fluorescent Combo:

    • High-Efficiency Lighting: Includes a 6400K T5HO lamp that delivers a spectrum ideal for promoting vigorous seed, cutting, and plant growth. The light peaks between 435 nm and 680 nm, closely matching the photosynthesis output requirements of most plants.
    • Advanced Reflective Technology: Equipped with the NanoTech T5 Reflector, which increases light output by as much as 48% without additional power consumption. This technology also helps reduce heat, extending the lifespan of both the lamp and ballast.
    • Energy and Space Efficient: The design allows for minimal heat output, enabling the fixture to be placed just 6-8 inches above the plant canopy. This close proximity maximizes photosynthetic response and growth without the risk of heat damage.
    • Versatile Mounting Options: Comes with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips, a power cable, link cord, and hanging clips, making installation flexible and straightforward in various settings.
    • Bloom and Flower Support: Offers 2700K replacement bulbs for growers looking to encourage blooming and flowering stages, enhancing the versatility of the light system.

    The Sunblaster 36" T5 Fluorescent Combo is a reliable choice for anyone serious about indoor gardening, providing all the necessary components to ensure your plants receive the best possible light coverage. This combo allows you to grow healthier plants and achieve better growth results without the need for constant rotation, thanks to its effective light spread and diffusion.


    Available in various sizes:

    To perfectly match your gardening needs, the Sunblaster T5 Fluorescent Combo is tailored in a variety of lengths, each designed to optimize your plant growth with precision. Available sizes include:


    Explore these options to enhance your indoor gardening with the right lighting solution, ensuring your plants thrive in an environment tailored just for them. Each link provides direct access to detailed specifications and purchase options, streamlining your path to a greener garden.

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